Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

Waiting to play the Dragon"s Maze Prerelease at Anime Kat.

Waiting to play the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease at Anime Kat.

The Dragon’s Maze prerelease has come and gone.  By every measure, the three prerelease events were a huge success.  The Dragon’s Maze Prereleases were some of the largest events we have ever had at Anime Kat.

There were some new parts to the events compared to previous releases.  First, each player got a guild kit.  In the kit, each player got: one Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack, Four Dragon’s Maze Booster Packs, and One Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack.  The second new part was the Implicit Maze.  Players worked collectively to advance their chosen guild through the Implicit Maze each round.  The first guild to the end of the maze won a special prize.

The first event we had was a Sealed event on Saturday.  We had a total of 16 players and played 4 rounds.  As a reminder: in a sealed event, each player get a number of unopened packs of cards.  Players then open the packs and have a set amount of time to build decks using only those packs of cards.

Dragon's Maze Prerelease winners 1Dragon's Maze Prerelease maze 1

Sunday is always the bigger of the two days, and the Two-Headed Giant game at noon is always our largest event.  In a Two-Headed Giant at a prerelease, players participate just like a Sealed event but face off in teams of two.  For this prerelease we had 30 players with a total of 15 teams.  Because of the very limited supply of each guild choice (we only had 3 of each for the Two-Headed Giant), many players lined up at Anime Kat before we opened at 11 to make sure they received the guild they wanted.

Dragon's Maze Prerelease winners 2Dragon's Maze Prerelease maze 2

The final event we had for the prerelease was another Sealed event.  To finish our almost 11 hours of prerelease events on Sunday, we had 19 players for the final event.  The players fought for a total of 5 rounds during our last Sealed event.

Dragon's Maze Prerelease winners 3Dragon's Maze Prerelease maze 3

We would like to thank all of the players that came out to Anime Kat to make this a very successful series of events.  Without you players, there are no events!

Playing the Dragon's Maze Prerelease at Anime Kat

Playing the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease at Anime Kat

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