Breimh’s Anime Review: Wagnaria!!

By Breimh

We are pleased to have a new addition to the Anime Kat Blog.  Breimh has over 60 anime reviews on the website Cruchyroll.  He has graciously agreed to periodically write reviews on current and older anime for our blog.  Check in every now and again to read a review on an anime you may have never heard of.

Wagnaria!! (also known as Working!! in the English Translation)
Published by Aniplex in 2010, is a series of adventures of the employees of a family restaurant – named WAGNARIA – which stands by itself in Hokkaido. Get ready to dish up some wacky comedy together with Sota and his coworkers!

Five Stars – Who knew working could be so much chaotic fun!?! Brilliant and masterful!

This wonderfully done slice of life story shows all the fun in just how many different forms of dys-FUN-ction there can be in the workplace! The movement in the animation is fantastic, though subtle, the artistic style is clean and allows for clear identification of what one is looking at, and the stories will keep you guessing as much as they keep you laughing.

You’ll never look at family dining in the same way again.


Credits for Likes

Credits for Likes

Greetings fans of Anime Kat.  Over the last month we have worked hard to come up with a fun way for you guys to earn store credit in the store by using Facebook.  We have come up with a new program called, Credits for Likes.  Starting July 1, 2013, fans of Anime Kat’s Facebook page can earn store credit every time they click on the Like button on Anime Kat’s page.

Here’s the basics of how the program works:

Every time you click the Like button on Anime Kat’s page, you will earn $0.10 in store credit.  Now, only certain things can be Liked to earned store credit.  The Liked post has to be from Anime Kat or our Blog.  Liking other fans’ post won’t get you store credit but will help keep discussions going.   You also can’t earn credit for Likes on replies from Anime Kat.  Whether we post replies to fans or our own posts, you can’t earn credits for Liking the posts.  You also can’t earn credit by Liking posts dated before July 1, 2013 or after September 30, 2013.

What can you use the credit on?  Why, almost anything you want.  The credit you earn during the Credits for Likes program may be used for anything Anime Kat does or sells that credit can be used for.  In other words, your credit is good for everything but a few special events and preorders.  You have the ability to save up your credits.  Once you have at least $4 in credit, just bring it to the store.  The credits don’t expire until December 31, 2014.

If you want to participate in the Credits for Likes program, all you need to do is become a fan of Anime Kat on Facebook and track your Likes.  You can do that by either downloading our rules and tracking sheet or by stopping in at Anime Kat and picking up a copy in person.  If you have any questions about the program, please message us on Facebook or drop by the store and speak with Drew.

From Wizards of the Coast to Anime Kat to You: Part 4

By Drew S.

Sorry for the delay since the last article about running Magic the Gathering prereleases and releases.  If you are just starting to read the “From Wizards of the Coast to Anime Kat to You” articles, I suggest you start with Part 1.  The very reason I’m behind in writing is the subject of today’s article.  There are at least two events that go on after the prerelease and release for a new Magic the Gathering set is releases.

The first event after the release is the formation of a league.  For the most current set, we ran the Dragon’s Maze League.  The league is Sealed Deck event.  Players receive a set number of booster packs to build their decks.  Unlike a normal Sealed Deck event, the league lasts over the course of five weeks and new players may join at any point of the five weeks.  During each new week of the league, players may one more booster pack to supplement their league deck.  The players’ decks remain at Anime Kat for the duration of the league, and players may not trade or buy individual cards to supplement their league deck.  Only the league booster packs may be used.

Each participant must play three matches per week, for a total of fifteen over the course of the league.  Players joining the league late or players that missed a match can play extra matches to catch up to the current match cap of three times the current total of weeks of the league.  There is always an “official” league night, but players may play league matches at any point at Anime Kat.  At the end of the five weeks, we give out prizes to the top players.

Pentagon of the colors of Magic: The Gathering.

Pentagon of the colors of Magic: The Gathering. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other main event after the release of a new Magic the Gathering set is Magic Game Day.    Magic Game Day is always run a month after the last set release.  The event features the Standard format and is designed to showcase the newest cards available.  Special commemorative foil cards and are given to each participant and Top 8 competitor while the supplies last.  We typically have a few extra prizes as well.  For many players, the best part is we run the Magic Game Day as a free event.

It has taken be about two months to explain what I work on each time a new set of Magic the Gathering cards is slated for release.  That is about how much time I spend of each prerelease and release.  As soon as one set if finished (and usually before the League is finished) I’ll start work on the next set release.  It keeps me busy, but I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t fun.