Breimh’s Anime Review: Wagnaria!!

By Breimh

We are pleased to have a new addition to the Anime Kat Blog.  Breimh has over 60 anime reviews on the website Cruchyroll.  He has graciously agreed to periodically write reviews on current and older anime for our blog.  Check in every now and again to read a review on an anime you may have never heard of.

Wagnaria!! (also known as Working!! in the English Translation)
Published by Aniplex in 2010, is a series of adventures of the employees of a family restaurant – named WAGNARIA – which stands by itself in Hokkaido. Get ready to dish up some wacky comedy together with Sota and his coworkers!

Five Stars – Who knew working could be so much chaotic fun!?! Brilliant and masterful!

This wonderfully done slice of life story shows all the fun in just how many different forms of dys-FUN-ction there can be in the workplace! The movement in the animation is fantastic, though subtle, the artistic style is clean and allows for clear identification of what one is looking at, and the stories will keep you guessing as much as they keep you laughing.

You’ll never look at family dining in the same way again.


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