Magic 2014 Core Set Prerelease

The newest Magic the Gathering core set is here!  This annual release forms the base set of cards for tournament play and for set rotations.  Typically, the majority of the cards are reprints from previous core sets while only a few are new introductions.  Core sets characteristically contain more cards than expansion sets.  Core sets also differ from each years’ new set by not, usually, introducing new game play mechanics.  Core sets are designed for newer players to begin simply and experience players have a way to flesh out their decks.  Unlike the rest of the year’s releases (called a block)  there is no real storyline to the core sets.

The prerelease for the core set is a change to see what impact the new cards will have on the game for the next year.  As always, Anime Kat is here to make sure you have a fun time trying out the new cards.  We want to thank everyone who were able to make it out for the event.  Good luck with this year’s core set; just watch out for the Slivers!

M14 Saturday Sealed Winners


M14 Two Headed Giant


M14 Sunday Sealed winners


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