Breimh’s Anime Review: Rio Rainbow Gate

By Breimh

The “Howard Resort Hotel” is an entertainment destination where people gather from around the world to grab huge fortunes. In the casino is a beautiful female dealer named Rio Rollins, known far and wide as the “Goddess of Victory”. In order to approach closer to her mother, one of history’s greatest dealers, she does battle to gather up the legendary cards called “gates”. Those who gather all 13 gate cards are presented with the title MVCD (Most Valuable Casino Dealer), proof that they are a top dealer. Set in a vast resort, an exciting battle begins with rival dealers that’ll take your breath away! Throw in some “supreme comedy” and a story that makes you cry when you least expect it, these cute and sexy girls will explode off your screen! With everyone’s cheer of “Leave it to Rio!”, Lady Luck will be with you, too!

This is a delightfully optimistic story that pits a sweet young lady who has a special ability coupled with her talents as a hostess and dealer against characters who strive to stack the odds against her. Despite the underhanded and egotistical foes she must fight, as well as a misogynistic employer, she keeps her cool, charm, and genuine naivete that lends to her success. Beautifully drawn and colored figures, fluid action and lovely settings offer an invigorating invitation to the senses while a tightly focused story with twists and turns aplenty entertain thinking minds.

Rio – Rainbow Gate cover art

Publisher: PONY CANYON INC.  Released in 2011

Well animated, and full of interesting plot-twists and powers of probability, Rio – Rainbow Gate is a winning hand!

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