Breimh’s Anime Review: Angel Beats!

By Breimh

Otonashi is a boy on the verge of manhood, living in the afterlife, with no memories of his life before his death. He joins a school organization called the SSS whose mission is to fight against going into the realms that lay beyond and those who rule them.

Released in 2010 by Aniplex, this is one I highly recommend, and give it 4 of 5 stars.

When I first began watching, the animation looked great, but I had reservations about the story and just where it was heading. (The bloodshed and violence at the start made me think it was going to be just another slasher-type anime, really.) But there were mysteries that intrigued me, and some great comedy that had me laughing out loud, so I continued.

Am I glad I did! This was a magical, tragic but wondrous ride with a cast of characters that made me both happy and sad to see where their adventures would lead them. Beautiful, melodious and filled with as many touching moments as action and comedy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a well-rounded story with suburb animation.

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