Breimh’s Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project

Enchanting and Lovely!


Otonokizaka High School is planning to close within three years. However, nine female students come together with one thing in mind—form a pop idol group to revive the school’s popularity and keep it from shutting down. ‘In order to protect our beloved school, there’s only one thing we can do…become pop stars!


  • Planning Yoshitaka Kawaguchi
  • Original Plan Sakurako Kimino
  • Series Organization Jukki Hanada
  • Character Designs & Animation Director Asako Nishida
  • Character Designs & Main Animator Yuhei Murota
  • Set Design Takeyuki Takahashi
  • Design Works Yukiko Aikei, Kyoko Shinmura
  • Art Director Yukihiro Watanabe
  • Color Design Sayoko Yokoyama
  • Director of Photography Daichi Nogami
  • Editor Daisuke Imai
  • Sound Director Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music Yoshimasa Fujisawa
  • Music Production Lantis
  • Director Takahiko Kyogoku
  • Animation Production SUNRISE Inc.
  • Presented by 2013 PROJECT Lovelive!

This sweet slice of life piece has a solid plot that drives this all-girl cast. The animation is by far some of the most realistic motion work I’ve seen! Endearing, strong and vibrant characters who will stun you with their words as much as their moves.
I give this one 4 of 5 stars.

Breimh’s Anime Review: Tari Tari

Before there was Glee, there was…

Produced by Showgate, 2012.

This is a touching, fun story of a group of students who bond through music (and sometimes other pursuits of interest – like Badminton) in their senior year of high school.

Wakana Sakai was involved in music, but gave it up one day. Konatsu Miyamoto loves singing and can’t be torn from it. Sawa Okita would do anything for her closest friends. They laugh, they fight, they worry, they love… Through their very ordinary lives, little by little the girls learn to move forward. Sometimes they feel as if they can’t go on alone, but as long as they have their friends, they believe they’ll make it someday. Wakana, Konatsu, Sawa, and the music they make in their ensemble weave a tiny but dazzling story of the power of music. The last summer of high school… It’s too soon to give up on dreams. The song echoing throughout Enoshima continues to give us courage today.

A tale of holding on to culture and traditions in the face of modernization, of sharing joys while you can, and finding a way to balance your passions and interests with necessity. Beautiful artistic style, and masterful choreography of story expertly interwoven with melodies await your senses! I give this series 5 of 5 stars.

Born of the Gods Prerelease

The second set of Magic the Gathering’s Theros block is Born of the Gods.  On February 1st and 2nd, players got to participate in a prerelease event where they were able to play with the newest cards before they are released on February 7th.  Born of the Gods is a smaller with only 165 cards.  The set introduces a new planeswalker: the blue/green Kiora, the Crashing Wave.  As a continuation of the Theros’ gods, the set also introduces the ten demigods of Theros.  The demigods are dual-colored and uses their controller’s devotion to both of the demiogods’ colors.  Born of the Gods will feature five of them with allied-color combinations while Journey Into Nyx (the final set of the block) will feature the remaining five.

We want to thank everyone that came out to the store for the prerelease event.  A special thanks to the players who came to our Sunday event (Go Seahawks).  Hopefully, next year Wizards of the Coast won’t schedule the prerelease during Super Bowl weekend.

Born of the Gods Prerelease 1

Born of the Gods Prerelease 2

Born of the Gods Prerelease 3