Breimh’s Anime Review: Sekirei – Pure Engagement


Sekirei are 108 beautiful ladies of unknown origin, who together with their Ashikabi (human partners), must battle with one another in order to determine who will ascend and claim the prize. What is the larger purpose of this event? What are the plans of the event s overseer, the same individual who found these Sekirei and introduced them into society? Enter Sasashi Minato, 19 years old and approaching his 2nd year as a ronin. He is about to give it all up and return home, when quite literally, Musubi falls into/onto his life. An extremely well endowed, energetic, simple and sweet girl in a short miko outfit. Suddenly he finds himself as an Ashikabi, living with a girl for the first time in his life. And this is just the start of his new crazy life, which at most times is more than the poor Minato can handle. This extremely ecchi, yet relatively innocent anime, geared toward young men was brought to us by the well-established Gokurakuin Sakurako! The Anime adaptation of the Manga is produced by the animation studio Seven Arcs, directed by Keiz┼Ź Kusakawa and written by Takao Yoshioka.

While playful and full of adult-oriented humor and situations, this anime has some pretty poignant, serious moments and stories that the characters must deal with, too. The anime style is well done and full of action, vibrant with color and fine lines that make the series as enjoyable to watch for the artistic style as for the story continues to hold the interest to the viewer. While I wouldn’t give this one the highest marks, I would offer 3 of 4 stars for the combined joys it offers. Grab some popcorn and a soda and watch the battle royale as the Sekirei duke it out for their ashikabi.