Breimh’s Anime Review: Blossoming Youth Passes Too Quickly

Blossoms-of-TomorrowHanasaku Iroha (Blossoms of Tomorrow) is a fantastic slice-of-life story centering around 16-year-old Ohana Matsumae. This young lady shows that she’s got what it takes to get by, when she is forced to move from Tokyo and the world she knows, to reside out in the country to live with her prim and proper grandmother at an Onsen Ryokan named Kissuisō.

The animation is so well refined, I found myself stopping mid-scene to note details that I just didn’t want to miss! The plot and script are both elegant and engaging; and flowering prose dance amidst a stream of vibrant youthful emotion, as the characters sweep you away from Tokyo to somewhere quaint amongst the countryside that seems caught between the old and modern world. This is one I have recommended to friends who always want to know if there is more to come.

Released by TBS and ABC partner, YTV (Yomiuri Telecasting)

This is one I highly recommend with it’s stunning story-arc and exemplary visuals, I rate it a full 5 stars.