Breimh’s Anime Review: Yonna and the Solitary Fortress

YonnaYonna, a girl with incredible powers, has been living in a deserted “solitary fortress” alone with her brother Stan, her heart shut from the world. Stan had desperately protected Yonna from those who come seeking her mysterious power until one day, a boy approaches the solitary fortress. Stan tries to kill this boy like all others before him, but the boy tries to take Yonna out of the fortress regardless of his own safety.

Though the world of 3D computer graphics tends to lean toward sharp and cool visuals, Kengo Takeuchi has been searching for a softer, warmer atmosphere in 3D-CG. Takeuchi brings us this heart-warming 34-minute 3D-CG work after participating in Final Fantasy: The Movie with Square USA. With a commitment to creating CG with a unique atmosphere, Takeuchi has created the world of the girl named Yonna.

The animation (particularly as it’s done by a single person) is extraordinary, very realistic and full of even greater potential should future projects be in the works for this masterpiece. While the story and characters need further development, it would be wonderful to see such particulars unfold with additional episodes. I find myself mesmerized and desiring more of Yonna and her continuing adventures. An enchanting tale with animation that will take your breath away!

This one gets 4 of 5 stars from me.